Questions for Kris


images1. Did you ever interview one of the greats of country music? Conway, Waylon, ect.. If you could interview one
of them today, who would it be? What would you ask? Are there any artist that remind you of any one of them?

Oh yeah, we’ve talked to a lot of them. Hate that we did not get to talk to Conway though. Had a chance to meet Waylon years ago. He was filming something at our friend Stu Segall’s lot a few miles from house and he was like come hang with “Waylon” and I had just got off work and was like, Nah I’m going home, I’ll meet him some other time. Never got the chance after that and regret it. We’ve had George Jones on a couple of times and that is always a big deal to me. I’m a huge George fan.

2. Do you like any of the late night talk shows? Who’s your favorite and why? Letterman really molded my sense of humor. He was the best when I was growing up. Lately, I really like Jimmy Kimmel. He clearly is having fun and just being goofy. I love it.

3. Who do you think will win the Super Bowl? 49ers (I want the Ravens to win though)IMG_3022

4. Are you a good cook? Not really, I mean I cook certain things and if I’m trying to impress a date or something I’ve got my go to meals but not a cook really.

5. Who was the last movie star you talked to? I’m not sure. Let me think, Henry Winkler maybe? Tim McGraw? I can’t remember who we’ve had on show or just run into around town. LOL

BONUS Question: What’s a song everyone should get ASAP?
Screw Driver by Prince

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