Tony’s Blog – Kids Update


DownloadedFile-2Hi there! Hope your January is going well & that you enjoyed the holidays! It was great for me. All the kids were home (though not as long as I would have liked) & that’s always fun. Lexi returned from England, where she spent a semester studying at Oxford, and we got to share our first beer in a bar. I can’t believe my first-born is 21. Crazy!
Geoffrey continues to love college. I’ve never seen him so excited about learning. Of course, it helps that it all revolves around music, his passion. Meredith has been up & down. She’s a handful right now & we’re really working hard to get her through this trying time. Seems like a lot of girls her age are challenging. IMG_1171Hopefully she’ll come around soon so I don’t have to lock her in her room for the rest of her teen years!
I guess that’s it for now. Thanks for continuing to support the show in 2013! Keep spreading the good word for us! Pixelmator picture

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