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It’s 2013… Sick of hearing that yet?
Hope everything was great for you and I’m happy to be going back to work. Have you seen DJango yet? I loved it. Loved the soundtrack too and suggest you get it. The John Legend song is really cool and so is “Freedom”.

The TK1 Blogs sure have been great. All their goals for the year. It’s really cool. We all can support each other all year in our efforts. Go to the bio blogs section if you want to catch up on them.

Got a question over the holidays from a future DJ. He asked “What is something you would like to change about radio?” There is a long list to answer that but the first thing that came to my mind is a few stations here and there that spend their time worrying about what the other radio stations are doing. They say things about them on air, park the station van in front of their events, call record companies and complain every time the station does something. I’ve just always thought that was a chicken S&*T way of running a station. Tony and I are sure we are up against great shows all over the DownloadedFile-1country and we just concentrate on doing what we do and doing it the best we can. We learned that from a great boss we had named Shep and we never forgot it.

Can’t wait for the National Championship game Monday Night. Roll Tide Roll. That’s all I have to say. Hope we win.

Pixelmator picture_2Last 5 Songs Played On Your iTunes

1. I Got A Name – Jim Croce
2. I Drive His Truck- Lee Brice
3. Let Your Heart Hold Fast- Fort Atlantic
4. I Know What You Want- Busta Rhymes
5. Romeo and Juliet – The Killers

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