Tony Answers Your Questions

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What’s Your Favorite Christmas Song? Man, that’s tough. I love a lot but I think “Some Children See Him” is near the top of the list.

Do You Have Any New Year’s Eve Traditions? When the kids were little, we used to always do something stupid at midnight, like stand on our heads or on one leg or something. It was just fun to say what goofy thing we were doing when the new year started. Now, not really. Wait, does “get loaded” count as a tradition?

What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? I don’t make them. I generally just take a big breath & promise to try to be better this year than I was the last.

What’s A Great Moment For You This Year? I had several good moments but I think taking a road trip to college with Geoffrey & sharing his move in there ranks #1.

What’s Your Favorite Holiday Food? Hmmm. My mom’s recipe cheese ball that I make is good. I also love Esther Price candy. Local company near my hometown in Dayton, Ohio that makes,
in my opinion, the best chocolate ever. It’s always there, but I usually only order it at Christmas so I don’t weigh 400 pounds with diabetes.

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