Tony’s Blog: What Santa Can’t Top

Hi there! Are you ready for the holidays? Hanukkah is under way & Christmas will be here before you know it.
I can’t believe another year is almost behind us. Assuming the Mayans were wrong, we’ll be starting a new year in a matter of weeks! For me, the best part of this Christmas will be having all the kiddos together, if only for a few days.
DownloadedFile-2It’s such a strange sensation to have your children grow up. Two out of three are away at school & although I’m
monumentally proud of them, it’s bittersweet. Not only is it a reminder of their journey to adulthood, but it also emphasizes that I’m not getting any younger. Lexi is 21, Geoffrey is 18 & thriving at college & Meredith is enjoying her teen years. All I ever wanted was to watch them grow & get a glimpse of what they would become. I’m seeing that play out now & it’s an incredible blessing. The best Christmas gift I could hope for will happen for me when I get to share stories, laughs & time with them over the next couple weeks. Sorry Santa, you can’t top that.

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