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Hi there,
It’s been a crazy few weeks. As you already know I’m a huge ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FAN and we are going back to the National Championship. Very exciting and should be a great game. Notre Dame is really good this year.
One of my dreams is starting to happen. One of the songs I was a co-writer on got a demo done. This is the process a song goes through before it is recorded. John Rich was kind enough to believe in the song and Bradley Gaskin who I write with and recorded the demo. If we have a little bit of luck, you might be hearing it on the radio someday. We write a lot and it’s a fun creative process for me and I get to hang with a good friend. It really has changed my life though. It’s a dream come true. I’ll keep you posted.
Skyfall is by far the best Bond movie I’ve ever seen. Amazing. Argo was good too. That’s about the only movies I’ve seen in a while because I’ve been go go go. A friend from San Diego came and visited and she already wants to move here. I keep telling everyone that this city is awesome.
I’ll do another blog or two before the end of the year but I have to mention again the TK1 Bloggers and what a wonderful job they are doing with blogs. If I can become anywhere near as compelling as they are, I’ll be doing great. Please also check out our Pinterest page. I still don’t understand it but with TK1 Tracy handling it and helping me I’m slowly understanding it. Ha.
Have a great rest of the week!
Roll Tide

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