5 Questions for Tony

1. What is your morning routine (Since you get up so early): My alarm usually goes off around 2:15am. I shower the night before to save a little time. I do all the usual things & I’m out the door by 2:45 & at work by 2:55 or so.

2. What’s your guilty pleasure tv show? Any cooking show, I guess. I’m addicted to them!

3. What’s your favorite website? Besides TonyandKris.com? Probably Huffingtonpost.com. Lots of good stuff all gathered for me to make it easy to stay up to date.

4. What’s your must have at T’giving dinner? From-scratch mashed potatoes & homemade stuffing. I use my mom’s recipe for the stuffing & it’s delicious!

5. Name the last 3 songs played on your iPod? Give It All Back – Noah & The Whale, Ain’t That Lonely Yet – Dwight Yoakam,
Bye Bye Love – The Cars

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