5 Questions With Kris

1.Have you ever had surgery?
I’ve had several. My nose has been broke several times so I’ve had a couple of deviated septum surgeries and my tonsils taken out.

2. Who is the biggest celebrity in your cell phone?
If you go by height probably Chris Young, but I don’t know how to rank that. Tony and I know most all the artist in town. If we go NON Country Music Celebrities, I’d have to say the Principal from “Saved By The Bell” is in my phone and I think it’s funny. I really don’t know him but he has called several times for random reasons.

3. What’s the last thing you bought online?
A great wireless speaker for my iPad, taking it on vacation. It’s called a MONSTER HD CLARITY. I highly recommend it.

4. What’s Your Dream Car?
I’m not really a car guy. I keep my cars forever and really don’t think about that stuff. Got a new truck recently though. My first Honda. It’s a Ridgeline, tricked out and I take some pride knowing it was built down the road from my home town.

5. Do you have a “Will”?
YES! Everyone should have one, even if you do the legal zoom thing. It will save so much trouble for your loved ones if you kick it.

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