Tony’s Blog – No More Cable Bills For Me!


I’ve been seeing articles online for quite a while about “cutting the cable/satellite cord” & it intrigued me. After a LOT of research I decided to make the move and bought a Roku. It’s a small, lightweight box you connect to your TV with a single cord & it streams movies & TV shows via a high-speed internet connection.

It puts Netflix, HuluPlus, AmazonTV, Crackle, Pandora & much more at your fingertips. I absolutely love it! I spent $80 on the box & I’m spending $16 a month for Netflix & Hulu. My old cable & satellite bills ran about $90-120 a month. As you can see, it’s saving me some bucks! If you don’t mind not seeing your shows on the same night they are (I don’t) this is great. I’m going to add a HDTV over-the-air antenna so I can watch football this fall & I’ll be set!
If you’ve been thinking about this, I highly recommend it! (By the way, I’m not a paid endorser, this is just me loving the product!)


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