Kris’ Blog – Who I Want To Meet The Most!

Tony and I have often been asked during interviews “Is there anyone
you have not met that you want to? Or we’ve been asked if you could be
anyone famous, who would it be?… The answer to both questions for me
is one person.

Paul Shaffer. I love music, everything about it and Paul Shaffer
IS music. Think about what this man has accomplished in his life. He
was on the first season of Saturday Night Live as the band leader,
been in several movies including “Spinal Tap”. He has won a grammy
award, wrote the hit song “It’s Raining Men” and more.

Paul Shaffer of course is best known for being the sidekick to
David Letterman for around the last 30 years or so. I’ve grown up
watching up him and his band play with legend after legend on the late
night show. Can you imagine playing with a different artist every
night for 30 years or so? ALL of the legends have done that show!

If that is not enough, Paul has also been the music director for
EVERY “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” induction party. When a band is
inducted, they perform and Paul is the leader of the house band. How
many legends has he performed with, I would love to just sit down and
let him talk about who he was most excited about playing with.
Rolling Stones? Aretha? U2? Springsteen? Dolly? I mean he’s played

There it is, if I could meet anyone that I have not met it would
be Paul Shaffer

This is a video montage from 1992 of SOME of the people he’s worked with. AMAZING!


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