Tony Answers Your Questions

1. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Do you remember her name?
I had some girls kiss me on the cheek in Kindergarten, but the first time I kissed a girl on the lips I believe I was 9. I don’t remember her name but I
do remember it was in 3rd grade in Mrs. Yohe’s classroom.

2. Being so active in social media, what’s your biggest pet peeve about it? Let me see if I can describe it & make sense: On Twitter, when someone tweets several
people in one tweet (like a Follow Friday, for instance) and then a couple of those people start a conversation with each other and don’t remove my name, I end up
having to see all their back & forth. I find it extremely annoying & a little rude.

3. How hard do you push yourself? Probably not hard enough. I mean, I strive to be a good dad & be good at my job & when I exercise I push myself past a comfort zone, but ultimately,
life is short and the older I get, the more I just want to slow down a little and find more time to enjoy things. So am I a “Type-A, GO GO GO” person? Nah.

4. Should your parents have been more or less strict? Definitely not less. They were very strict when I was young. As I (and they) aged, they loosened up a little but I never had it easy.
Looking back, I’m so glad they were. I got into my fair share of trouble & if they hadn’t been strict with me I don’t want to think about what I might have ended up doing. Kids
need rules & limits. I’ve seen it in my own children too.

5. How do you like your pizza? Favorite pizza joint? Oh man, I love pizza. I don’t have one “must-have” pizza. My only general rule is keep the fruit away from it.
Pineapple on pizza is sacrilege. I’m always on the hunt for great pizza places. I love Mellow Mushroom & Pie In The Sky here in Nashville. Love Chicago-style as well
and have had the good fortune to enjoy it in Chi-town a couple times.

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