Tony Answers 5 Questions

1. If you had the opportunity, who’s one person you would love to meet? I don’t want this to sound bad, but in 25 years in the media I’ve
had so many chances to meet amazing folks that I can’t really think of someone I would go out of my way to meet. My belief is that
if it was someone I was a big fan of or admired, I would risk the fact that they couldn’t live up to my version of them.

2. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Ice cream is probably my favorite dessert, so it’s impossible to pick one flavor. I can say that
my current fave is anything with salted caramel in it. (As long as it isn’t also coffee flavored. Yuck!)

3. What store is your favorite for shopping? If it’s clothes, the Lucky Store or Banana Republic. I also love any independent record store & the Apple Store.

4. What song makes you feel happy? Too many to mention. My current guilty pleasure song that I always
turn up is Lights by Ellie Goulding.

5. Do you make friends easily? No, but it’s my choice. When I’m at a party or other social function, I tend to be gregarious & get along with folks, but as far as allowing people into my real life & being a true friend? That takes time. I can count the people I consider my real friends on just over one hand.

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