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It’s me and another blog! Hope all is well with everyone. Had a chance to hang with TK1 Tracy Gamboe and Kelly on their visit to Nashvegas and they are so much fun. You really should check out the Pinterest page that Tracy helps us with HERE

It’s been a nice few weeks. Played a lot of golf lately and actually I’m doing pretty good. Working out a lot since we are getting down to like 75 days or something until the Tony and Kris Country Cruise. Hope you are telling your friends about it and coming with us.

Saw the Dark Knight Rises and it is simply amazing. Most people will prefer the 2nd one because the Joker was just more fun to watch and you were somehow able to like him. Bane is just evil and you don’t like anything about him. As a trilogy, my opinion – It’s a masterpiece. It’s 2 hrs. 45 min. long and very violent so probably not a good place to bring kids. It is rated PG13.

Last 5 Songs Played On Your iPod Are?

1. Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones
3. Scotty Doesn’t Know – Lustra
4. We Can’t Be Friends – Joanna Smith
5. Running Out Of Air – Love and Theft

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