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My Teens’ Overuse Of The “L” Words

Having spent a great deal of time with our youngest two kids this summer, I’ve been victimized by their verbal “crutches.”
Luckily, I’ve broken one of them.

Geoffrey, our almost-18-year-old, was peppering his stories with “literally” every few words & it was
driving me bananas. My solution was to say, “Literally?” after every time he said it. It made him aware of the overuse & I’m happy to say he’s now cured.
Meredith has fallen prey to one of the most-used teen habits on the planet. She, like, says like, like, every other, like, word. This one is enough to make me
want to pull my hair out about 10 seconds into any story. I’ve tried the same method with her but it hasn’t taken yet. I’ll continue the work, though, because otherwise I fear I’ll have to muzzle her. What do your kids do when they’re talking that drives you crazy? I can’t be alone here!

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