5 Questions For Kris

1. What’s the most romantic thing you have ever done for a spouse/girlfriend?
I can’t pin down one thing. Believe, it or not- I’m a romantic wuss, so when I’ve been in a
relationship the sappy stuff has gone down.

2. How do you like your pizza? Favorite pizza joint?
Jalapena, pepperoni and whatever else they throw on it. Maters Pizza in Gadsden, Al. THE BEST!

3. What’s the stupidest thing you agreed to do?
Tony and I were really kind of forced by the radio station to do a TV commercial for a car
dealership when we first got started. The writer/director was a crazy old man who was not
as clever as he thought he was. It was bad, we knew it would be but thought that would make
management think we were team players. That’s when we realized that if you don’t say yes
every time then you are a trouble maker

4. Do you make friends easily?

5. What is your signature dish to cook?
I make a good spaghetti with Chicken and Mozzarella cheese but Burgers I do more often

BONUS- What is your biggest pet peeve?
People that don’t use a merge lane and stop instead of yielding, just use the merge lane and
blend into the traffic + use your signal every time you turn or change lanes.

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