Kris’ Blog – TK1’s, Spiderman, Newsroom, & The Rolling Stones

Hope everyone is having a great week. First I want to say what a fantastic job the TK1 Bloggers are doing. They have amazing, interesting and fun blogs. I am learning from them and trying to do better. They are a great group of ladies and for seem reason all seem to be under the impression that I need constant supervision, maybe they are right. LOL. If you have not read their blogs you can catch up by clicking HERE.

I’ve been pretty much up to the same stuff here and there. Still writing, doing the show, getting in shape, blah, blah, blah. Only things new are I am into the new tv show “NEWSROOM”. It’s great writing and goes at a fast pace. Jeff Daniels has been on the show a few times and he’s really a good actor and just a nice guy.

My latest kick is 70s Rolling Stones CD’s. They really put out some good stuff. If you get a chance, check out the cd’s “Sucking in The 70’s, Some Girls, and Exile On Main Street. Dead Flowers from Sticky Fingers is playing right now.

Saw the Amazing Spiderman and it’s OK. It did not change my world, but I was entertained. Hopefully, the Dark Knight Rises will not be a letdown. If it is as good or better than Dark Knight, it will probably be my favorite movie of all time. Speaking of movies. A friend of mine had never seen Rocky. She has now and LOVES it. She is already wanting to go to Philly to run the steps. If you have not seen Rocky, I suggest you do it!

On a humble note if that’s possible with me. Tony and I announced this week the addition of our 24th and 25th affiliate. We are so excited to be able to do our dream for a living. THANK YOU! It is fun to work with my best friend everyday and know that our stupidity is being broadcast all over the country. We appreciate you and thank you for letting us be a part of your lives. Catch you next week.



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