Kris’ Blog – What I Learned Watching The Bachelorette

I’m man enough to say that I watched this show because a woman made me. LOL. I don’t see how it’s been on so long. Tony and I have interviewed a bunch of people from the Bachelor and Bachelorette over the years and I had never seen the show. Here is what I picked up from the episode I watched. The blond girl that is the Bachelorette this year says the word “ROMANTIC” and the phrase “Really being open with me” a LOT. It should be a drinking game.

The other thing I noticed is that the guys all cry….. A LOT. It was also enjoyable for me to see her kiss every guy then get upset that she did not know one of the guys had dated somebody she knew. Double standard anyone? That’s really all I got from it. I’ve never been a fan of reality stuff but it was fun to make fun of it for an hour.

A quick shout out to our friend Brian Mansfield who mentioned us in his USA TODAY article this week. He’s a great guy and a fantastic writer. He was just diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Just another reminder to go get checked guys. Brian has a great attitude and will beat this thing. It makes you realize how quickly things can change.

Spiderman is out and I’m sure I’ll end up seeing it although I’m more excited about Moonrise Kingdom and Dark Knight Rises. Let us know if you see Spiderman with your review. Just call us at 877-851-1133 and leave a message with your review.

Finally should have a few of the songs I co-wrote getting a demo made in the coming weeks. I will be learning how this process works and I’ll tell you all about it. It’s the way songs work in Nashville. You get demos then they get passed around and hopefully somebody records them. Bradley and I are excited to get them done. If you get a chance follow him on twitter @BradleyGaskin, he’s a good dude.

Hope you have a great holiday weekend and please be safe. I’ll catch you next week and we have some news of some new stations coming into the Tony and Kris family.

One thought on “Kris’ Blog – What I Learned Watching The Bachelorette

  1. Dawn

    Sorry you had to sit through two hours of that. You forgot to add that you also learned you have patience. The crying is new this season. It’s unattractive and ridiculous. But I give them all props for catching on and realizing it’s never been done in previous seasons and trying it out on Emily. Your spoiler alert seems to be true so far. The gossip surrounding her and the host though throws everything off.

    for the real spoiler……

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