5 Questions With Tony

1. In your theatre days, what was your favorite play to perform? Favorite musical was when I was Huck in “Big River.” Favorite regular play was the two-man show “Greater Tuna” where we each played about 10 characters. So funny & so much fun to do!

2. You talk about CrossFit a lot, what is it? It’s an intense collection of workouts that promote functional movement, strength, flexibility & more. I never get bored because it constantly changes. It’s not for everyone, but I’ve never had more fitness success than with this program.

3. Can you drive a stick? I’m a man. Of course.

4. What’s something about you that people might consider wimpy? I’m not a “car guy” or a “Mr. Fix-It.” I have to get people to handle any of those issues. Also, going back to question one, theatre guys aren’t known for our “toughness.”

5. Are you as much a “Neat Freak” as Kris says you are? I am, but I’ve gotten more relaxed over the years. Having kids forced that because I could never keep things as neat & organized as I wanted with them messing it all up right behind me.

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