5 Questions With Kris

Kris answers questions submitted by TK1 listeners- Have a question send it to TK1@TonyandKris.com

1. What’s something you do that people would consider wimpy?
I like romantic comedy movies? Is that wimpy?

2. What’s something that might surprise us about you?
As much as I joke, I’m actually a very positive person and really want everyone to be the best
they can be and be happy.

3. Do your family members listen to your show?
I think so, we air on WHMA The Big 95 in my hometown.

My Sister Kori

4. How do you break down who is responsible for what on the show?
We actually have always just went with our strengths. If Tony is better at something, or likes
something more he does that and the same for me. We really have a great working relationship. I
can’t imagine doing this with anyone else.

5. How many siblings do you have?
I have a sister Kori, that is second favorite in the family

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