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Summer TV isn’t really doing it for me (though I do love pretty much ANY cooking show) so I decided to go back & revisit
one of my all-time favorite shows – Seinfeld. A couple weeks ago I brought out the DVDs & started at the beginning. It’s such
a joy to watch a show that’s so original & still incredibly funny even after MANY viewings. As I made my way through it, both Lexi & Geoffrey popped in & out for some episodes & it was great to share laughs with them. When I got to the end I realized I hadn’t watched the finale since it originally aired on TV, even though I’ve had the collection for a few years. It certainly wasn’t the best
finale of all time but I do think (on this second viewing) it was better than I remembered. Thank you to the cast & writers of this
brilliant show for 2 more weeks of laughs & fun.
What’s your “I’ll watch it over and over” TV show?

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2 thoughts on “Tony’s Blog – I’m Watching It Again….

  1. Mike

    I Like Watching My CSI: NY Seasons on DVD Over and Over Again & Also CSI: Crime Scene Investigation & CSI:Miami I am Disappointed CSI: Miami Was Canceled By CBS & I Like Watching White Collar & Psych & Supernatural & The Mentalist & Crimnal Minds & All My CBS Shows Are Off Season Until They Start The TV Shows Back in The Fall.

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