Hey Everyone,
We just wrapped up another CMA Fest here in Nashville, Tn. It was pretty amazing. I accidentally closed down Tin Roof 2 nights in a row with Chris Young which was fun. Man he can do some Tequila. I’m more of a Vodka guy, so I end up hurting when the Tequila flows. We got to emcee Chris’ fan club party which was cool. Checked out Gary Allan’s Fan Club Party, and Joanna Smith’s at the new Honkytonk Central which is amazing. The concerts were pretty much awesome. Think I read somewhere that there was over 450 performances all up and down Broadway, the arena, and the football stadium always had something going. We ran into a TK1 who listens in Italy. Her name is Chiara and by chance she recognized us and it was so great to meet her. Hope you make plans to come visit CMA Fest next year.

Here are a couple of quick videos I took while downtown one afternoon. One is a record shop, and I’m not going to make fun but you had to see it and the 3 people watching. He kept saying “Great Crowd” thank you! The other video is of a new place in town called HonkyTonk Central. It’s 3 stories of party.

Chiara and us

The “What Was Last” Survey…

1. What was your last workout? — Hour Of Boxing

2. What was the last CD you bought? — Essential Ray Charles

3. What was the last movie you saw in a theatre? — Prometheus

4. Where was your last vacation? — Las Vegas

5. When was the last time you gave someone a gift? — Last Week

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