Tony’s Blog – Time Is Rolling By Too Fast

Wow. I can’t believe my only son is graduating from high school. I guess I have to add this to my list of things that mean
life is rolling by too fast. He’s given me plenty of gray hairs over the years (which I guess I deserved since I did the same thing to my folks) but he sure has finished strong. As parents, we always talk about the thrill of watching our children grow & become great
adults. I’m happy to say that process is underway with Geoffrey & I couldn’t be more proud. He’s off to McNally Smith College of Music in the fall & I know I’ll get to see him accomplish amazing things in the music world someday.

On a fun sidenote, I intend to wear the exact same thing to his ceremony that I wore to Lexi’s graduation. Then I’ll break it out again in a couple years when Meredith walks. Can’t wait to see the pics side-by-side & have people scratch their heads as they once again see proof of my immaturity.
Congratulations to all the graduates out there! Your life awaits, don’t waste a minute!

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