Van Halen & Luke Bryan have this in common — Kris’ Blog Posted

It’s me and it’s been a few weeks, sorry about that. Things as usual have been very busy but I’ve had some fun too. Got to see Van Halen and Kool and the Gang and it was great. I noticed something that Eddie Van Halen and Luke Bryan have in common. They both smile ALL THE TIME. It’s a cool thing and it’s contagious. It really is funny to watch people and the reaction when you just smile at them. Try it.

I also went to Key West, Florida for the songwriters festival and got to see some amazing acts- Love and Theft and Josh Thompson to name a couple. BTW, Josh is really pumped about the Tony and Kris Country Cruise so I hope you’ve booked your cabin. Get their stuff on iTunes. We are back to filming episodes for Tony and Kris TV and we are hoping for a July 4th premiere, maybe sooner. We have some help with blogs now. Hope you have been reading the TK1 Bloggers, they are great and very entertaining to read. Finally went to a movie, it’s been so long for me. Saw the Avengers and it was a great popcorn movie. I mean it doesn’t change the world but does take you for a fun 2hr ride. Guess that’s it and I’ll try to check back in by the end of the week.

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