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Hope everyone is having a great week. Had a friend ask me the other day “Why are you so happy?” It made me think about how angry I see people all the time. People flipping people off in traffic, snapping at people, just looking for a fight. Why? My answer was pretty simple. It’s a choice. Everyday, every person has the ability to be happy, if you catch yourself being in a bad mood (hope Mel Gibson reads this) just take a deep breath and smile. Guess what, it’ll pass. I have moments where things start piling up or not going the way they are supposed to and I just step back and solve it. Anyway, that’s my Tony Robbins moment of this blog.

We are about a week away from Summer Movie Season. Hope I get to see more this year than I did last year. Can NOT WAIT for Dark Knight Rises. The Avengers seems like it could be good. What are you looking forward to this summer?

Van Halen is coming this week and I am going with one of my best friends. It’s going to be a blast. I’ll feel like I’m 16 again I’m sure. Are you going to any big concerts this Summer? You still have time to qualify for the Tony and Kris Flyaway to see Chesney/Mcgraw. That would be pretty cool.

Last 5 songs you bought on iTunes

The Funeral by Band Of Horses
Feel So Close by Calvin Harris
Diamonds Make Babies- Bradley Gaskin
Angel Eyes – Love and Theft
Personal Jesus- Johnny Cash

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