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Big week at the Randall house, as we prepare for…THE YARD SALE. Our dining room is full of stuff & we’re starting the pricing. What a chore! It’s interesting to see what becomes
a “keeper” & what goes in the “I guess we really don’t need that after all” pile. We’ve been a family for over 20 years & each time we’ve moved (which is more than I’d care to admit) we’ve always thinned the herd.
Yet here we are with several boxes of stuff, piles of clothes & a bunch of this & thats. We opened a box in the attic & it had several keepsakes from my childhood in it, mostly stuff I took out of my parents’ house when they died.

In it was a set of bongos my dad picked up in the Philippines during WWII. It’s funny. I know I don’t use them anymore but there’s no way I can part with them. Any time I miss my dad I know I
can pull them out & have half a dozen great childhood memories from when we’d play them. It’s quite something how a simple object can inspire such vivid memories. It definitely makes the drudgery of sifting through
a house full of “I guess we really don’t need that after alls” worth it for one “keeper” like that.

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  1. TMD

    I totally understand. When my Mema died we cleaned out her house and we foudn my grandfathers old wallet, it had his dr lic, VFW card and other little things…I hold tight to that.

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