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Hey there,
Well, what a few days it’s been. I finished my taxes which I’m pretty thrilled about, had dinner at Kix Brooks house and I played golf with Jake Owen.
Before I get to all that, this is a tip you NEED TO USE. If you are like me and you lose your wallet every so often this is a great thing. My agent was in town and he flew across the country with NO I.D., sort of. He left his wallet but had a picture of his license on his iPhone. The app to get is called “My Eyes Only”. You can lock in passwords, photos, credit card info, etc.. I am using it and now I have my license, passport, credit cards, all of that locked away. If I lose my wallet, at least I know now I can get home. Thought that was a great tip from my agent.

Friday night Tony and I went to Kix Brooks house to hear his new cd. It was such a fun time. His house is insane. Can’t wait to have him kick off our Country Cruise in October. He had some great stories. Barbara his wife is 5’9″ and she said when she met the Rolling Stones, she towered over them. They get their pic with them, the Stones people mailed it to them. We look at the pic and the Stones are all taller than her in the pic. They photoshopped it. Can you say a little insecure on the Stones part. LOL. BTW, join us and KIX for the Tony and Kris Country Cruise! For info CLICK HERE

Played what might be the worst round of golf in my life Sunday. I knew Jake Owen would give me crap about it so when he hit his one bad shot all day, I snapped a picture just in case he said something. 5 min. later he says “I just tweeted you’re horrible”. I then tweeted this photo about who was hitting out of the woods. LOL, No joke though, he is an amazing golfer. Congrats to him to on this CD. Love “Alone WIth You” and the next song is just as good!

That’s it for now. Hope you all have a great rest of the week. See ya.


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