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It’s another busy week here in Nashville. We add another member to our “Tony and Kris” family next monday. This time in Idaho. We are so humbled and thrilled to keep on growing.
Peyton Manning mania continues. He’s an amazing QB with a fantastic work ethic. I think he’d be better in Denver (just opinion). Talking about Peyton’s work ethic, what’s yours?

It’s amazing to me how many people I see that don’t have a daily plan of things to accomplish. They just kind of show up, do whatever comes their way and go home. If you do that, to me you are just counting down days until you get let go. I’m always impressed when I see someone with a plan, a schedule, taking advantage of every minute of the day. Trying to move things forward. Tony and I really learned a lot about this from our former PD John. Noticed that when “Great Work Ethic” is said about Peyton, usually other words involved are “Preparation, Routine, Study”. Think those are words that describe “WORK”. Tony and I sure are working at these things since we started our own business.
Tony and Kris,

After reading your blogs, I just wanted to ask you a couple of questions.

So, you two have had the privilege of interviewing many different stars…that aside, if you could interview just one more person (not necessarily a music star, just anybody), in your lifetime, who would you choose and why?

ANSWER: Great question and I have no idea. We’ve talked to just about everybody. Tony and I have been so lucky. I find Bill Clinton fascinating, Paul McCartney would be cool, or Jack Nicholson is supposed to be great in interviews.

And, just for fun, if you weren’t in radio, what would you being doing as a profession? (I can only imagine where Kris will take this…HA)

I’m not really qualified for anything. Ha. More than likely, I’d be giving this songwriting thing a shot. Perhaps, writing for TV.

I just want to say thank you for being two of the greatest people, in your line of business. I love hearing your show every morning. I hope that 2012 brings you many more members to your growing radio “family”.
Have a great day!


What’s the last 3 songs you’ve listened to?
Simple Song by The Shins, Alone With You by Jake Owen, Good Feeling By Flo Rida

That’s it. I’ll check in next week with more I promise. Have a great rest of the week and BE SAFE THIS WEEKEND! I’m pub crawling it with some friends and I’m sure their will be some stories and pics!

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  1. Angela

    Thanks for answering my questions! And, while I am sure you’d be great at other things, I am glad you are in radio and I hope that your songwriting continues to be something that you enjoy. Maybe we will be lucky enough to hear one of yours one day! That would be AWESOME!!!!

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