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Hey there,
Last night went to the Nashville Lifestyles Magazine “Single In The City” party at a place called Sambuca here in Nashville. It was so much fun. Really have to thank Nashville Lifestyles Magazine for asking me to be in the issue. I’m sure they have a lot of pictures and video, I’ll try to share as soon as I see them. One thing I learned. Instead of a “Wingman” take a “WingWoman”. My friend Casey wanted to go so she went with me. If there was someone I wanted to talk to she was like I got this. She walked up and said “Where did you get those earrings?” then moved me into the conversation. Now the drawback is she has my sense of humor and several times when I’d be talking to someone she’d walk up and go “Honey let’s go, the baby keeps kicking”. It was a great time though.

It’s a BIG week here in Nashville. It’s a radio convention, I’m checking into a hotel downtown today. Tonight, going to Miranda and Chris Young private acoustic show and then to a Darius Rucker show, Blake text us and said he’s doing some 80s thing at a party here, then private parties til the cops come and shut it down. They always do. We have a big dinner on the “General Jackson” boat too, all the acts from Sony play it. While we eat, Brad, Carrie, Jake, Chris, Kenny Chesney and more usually play. They always have a surprise guest which is cool. Last year was Bryan Adams. I’ll try to post pics and updates of what all is going on with my twitter account. If you don’t have one, it’s easy to set up (2 minutes) and then just follow me at @Kris5150


Hope you have a great week!

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