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I don’t know what to do with myself. 211 days til football season. Ha. Lots of stuff going on. We added Cat Country in Columbia, South Carolina to the family. Between them and Wheelz in Florence, we cover most of South Carolina. We are humbled and thrilled to be adding so many new stations. Thank you.

Got the new Dierks Bentley CD “Home”. What a great CD. It’s worth the money to buy it. A couple of my favorite songs on the cd. Yeah I’m a little partial to this one cause it’s my twitter handle too @Kris5150 but it is a FUN song. Any country song that mentions Ozzy is ok with me.
Diamonds Make Babies- A great song with a powerful warning for men everywhere on the dangers of diamonds
Breathe You In- Simply put “A closer” if you know what I mean
Home- I still love even though we’ve played about a million times. It sounds like a U2 song to me.

Less than a week til Valentine’s Day. Just a warning for you. There is a countdown clock on the right sidebar at TonyandKris.com if you need daily reminders. What do you hope your significant other does for you? Got any suggestions for everyone? Feel free to leave comments below.

Name Drops. It’s such a great city here. I was just talking with Tony about how many things that we don’t go to or take advantage of because of our job. You just get kind of numb to things. Yesterday, I went to the mall and was coming around the corner and I see the very pretty blond and I’m checking her out, then I see her husband kind of catch me checking her out. It’s Luke Bryan. LOL. I go “You busted me checking out your wife” and he laughs and goes “She’s still got it”, then I end up meeting Chris Young at a bar where he was having a very low key little mini celebration for his 5th number one single in a row. It’s funny I see two major country stars within an hour and people spend hours waiting in lines to get a glimpse of these folks. I guess I should be more appreciative. Hope you have a great week. CHECK OUT MORE TONY AND KRIS BLOGS

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