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Hello and Happy New Year!

Getting back to business and it’s great. We added several new stations and more are coming. It was really nice this week to come back to KSON in San Diego. We hope you all take a look at the stations we are on and if you know anyone in those areas, shoot an email or facebook them and have them check us out. THANK YOU in advance.

My Alabama Crimson Tide won another National Championship. The only thing I’ve seen that is as crazy as Alabama football is Kentucky basketball. It’s a way of life in Bama. (check out commercial below-it’s really the way it is)
We’ve been hit with a list of 60 seconds questions from John who listens in New York. Here you go John and thank you!

Subject: 60 Seconds for Tony and Kris:

Message Body:
60 Seconds for Tony and Kris:
1. Favorite non-country performer? It all depends on my mood, Black Keys or Jonny Lang right now
2. What was the best practical joke or crank call ever played? We once made up an employee that did not exist and seeing people around the office act like they were friends was fun.
3. What actress or singer would you like to be stuck with alone on an island? Eva Mendes for obvious reasons
4. Worst job ever had? Installed TV cable for a summer
5. What do you miss from living in San Diego? The weather
6. If you weren’t doing a morning show, what job do you picture yourself doing? 20 to life- actually probably a marketing mgr
7. Last time you saw anyone nude in public you regretted seeing? Ha. Wal Mart, man did not get his pants pulled up enough, that’s for sure
8. Finally what morning show should everyone listen to? Ours of course. Spread the word!

Thanks John!
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