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Happy holidays!

I can’t believe another year has zipped by & the holidays are here. This time of year is very bittersweet for me now.

My family has always loved Christmas. My mom always went all out with
decorations & she was one of the best bakers ever. She filled the counters with homemade cookies, candies, tarts & other treats. My dad, who was generally pretty tight with his money year-round,
really got into the spirit at Christmas. He took great joy in trimming a gorgeous tree & giving his family lovely presents. As irony would have it, I lost both my parents in December. My mom about 2 weeks before Christmas in
2001 & my dad almost exactly a year later. So while I still love Christmas & all it holds for my own family now, I miss my parents & the chance to sit with them & laugh (which we did long & often)
as we exchange gifts on Christmas morning. Enjoy the holiday. Cherish the time with those you love because before you know it, they’ll be gone.

Merry Christmas!


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