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Hope everyone has a great weekend. The year is winding down and we have some cool things to announce come the new year. Can hardly wait to share with you. Each one of you that are a part of our show and helping us grow mean so much to us and THANK YOU. I’m off to Vero Beach Florida for a Jake Owen Event and Chris Young will be there too. There might be some drinks. Trying to do better at snapping pics and will do my best to take some. I’ll turn 41 in warm sunny weather on the beach. Tony and I always encourage you to ask us anything and we will answer you back. Below are a few questions from you all. I appreciate it and keep them coming.

Questions from you:

countrylovin7 from Twitter 🙂

So awhile back you said to e-mail you questions for your blog…

With Christmas around the corner, what is your favorite child hood memory about Christmas, or your favorite holiday tradition?

Well, I would say when my parents went to Paris and I accidentally got left behind. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern tried to break into my house. It was scary…Oh wait, maybe that wasn’t me.

Besides the Tony & Kris Country Cruise (which is going to be awesome) what are you most looking forward too in 2012?

Just the year in general. Our show is taking off, Friends Chris Young and Jake Owen are about to become SUPERSTARS, The Country Music Festival is going to be big. We have some cool things coming with the Kenny Chesney/ Tim McGraw show. A lot is happening, 2012 is going to be awesome.

Favorite Song on the Radio right now?

I don’t want this night to end by Luke Bryan
Alone with you by Jake Owen

Mirand_1fan4u asked….

I like the playlist you post. What songs do you play if you are in the mood?

Are you asking me if I have a mix-tape? LOL, my moods change all the time so it may vary. I’ll list a few songs from a newer playlist on my ipod if I’m feeling mellow

Red Light- Jonny Lang
You- Chris Young
Why Don’t You and I- Santana
All Over You- Live
Penitentiary- Citizen Cope
Heaven- Jake Owen
Start A Fire- Ryan Star
Pretty Girls-Iyaz
Good- Better Than Ezra
The Show- Kerris Dorsey
Little Red Corvette- Mike Zito
All The Beautiful Things- Eels
For You- Angus and Julia Stone
Sign Your Name- Sheryl Crow
Sometime Around Midnight- Airborne Toxic Event

ACTUALLY, if you want a great mellow cd get this artist I’m all about now named Jonny Lang “Live At The Ryman” great cd to put on and chill (or whatever)

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