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It’s December. Wow. This year really did fly by. It’s been the most happy I’ve been in years. Our business is starting to really grow the way we intended. We will be back on in San Diego SOON. www.kson.com has a teaser up on their website. It’s exciting to be back in the city we were in so long. I’ll be turning 41 in a couple of weeks. It just so happens I’ll be at a great charity event in Florida with Jake Owen/Chris Young and a group of friends. Read about the Jake Owen Charity Event It should be a great time and I will post pics and videos.

Talking about how happy I am, A friend of mine started going to therapy finally.

It’s not a sign of weakness in my opinion but a sign of strength. I’ve done it and Ruth Sucato changed my life. If you have had problems or just not happy in your life I strongly suggest you find one. Why not make 2012 be a better year for yourself.

Started Pilates and it’s way tougher than I thought it would be. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. It’s part of my goal to be in the best shape of my life by the time the Tony and Kris Country Cruise takes off next year.

Here’s something sad and funny. A friend of mine works at the Apple store and had some interesting news. This new “Cloud” thing is linking up the Apple stuff and a LOT of wives/husbands are getting into the others account by accident and finding a lot of things that they don’t like. The easy thing to do is just don’t do anything you have to keep secret but that’s just me.
We’ve been doing a lot of budget stuff on the show lately cause the economy is still tough and it is amazing how many people we are talking to that just don’t plan. Out of the all the tips we’ve posted at www.tonyandkris.com the main one is set a budget that you can afford and stick to it. It’s not rocket science. Read the tips and get prepared for 2012. Comment back if you have a simple tip to save money. Here is one I’ve done for years. I have a jar and everytime I come home any change I have goes in it. When it fills up it’s a few hundred bucks. Usually It fills up about the time my car insurance is due.

Last 5 Songs Played on my ipod

Penitentiary by Citizen Cope
Airstream Driver by Gomez
Something New by Airborne Toxic Event
Springsteen by Eric Church
Over You by Miranda Lambert

BTW- I have said in previous blogs that the Jake Owen song “Alone With You” was something I was going through in my life. The video was released and it’s dead on for me and I’m sure many others are going through too. Check it out below

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