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It’s almost Thanksgiving and people are starting to freak out. Been out a few times shopping and it’s funny to me seeing people already angry and fighting. Guess it’s the season. I am on a streak however. It was raining all day yesterday and I had to hit a few places, first Wal Mart. Parking lot was a mad house. Usually I always park in the back and just walk up instead of wasting gas and the extra steps don’t hurt me. I pulled up and since it was raining, thought that I’d check out the front. 1st spot, got it. Green Hills Mall is a tough place to park and I pull up, first spot open. Left there and met a date for a drink at Crows Nest. No parking there, pull up and the 2nd spot is wide open. I feel like Cal Ripken must have felt when he was on his streak.
I’m not sure what I’m doing this Thanksgiving, I may end up in Gulf Shores, Alabama or I might stay here in Nashville. Everyone that knows me knows I’m a HUGE Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Our biggest rivalry Auburn plays us Saturday in the Iron Bowl on CBS. If Bama wins, we will get to go to the National Championship Game. Roll Tide! (one of my favorite moments ever in the Iron Bowl is posted below. Listen to how excited the announcer gets)

These economic times are tough and hope you have made your budget. Saw a news segment talking about the majority of people that don’t do that. The best tip for the season is look at your bills and see what you have saved or have extra for the holidays. It may not be as much as you would like but it is what it is. Work within that budget. It’s a lot of stress to start a new year with a big credit card debt. I thought that was good advice.
Be sure and call for the special on the Tony and Kris Country Cruise. It is going to be such a good time. You will love it. Click here for info

Questions from you

Tiffany from Palm Springs, Ca. asks: Who is someone that has not been discovered yet that you think will be big in country music?
Great question. I really like a duo named “Love and Theft”, heard their cd and it’s got a great sound to it.

Mike from Lewistown, Pa. asks: Who are the country acts on the Tony and Kris Cruise going to be?
We have not announced them yet. The cruise is so much fun alone, we want everyone to focus on that right now. The casino, the pool, the ports, the beach, the cruise shows, miniature golf, waterslide, Kris’ singles party, Tony’s Karaoke Party, a LOT going on. We hope to be sold out before we even announce artists.

Hope you all have a safe and fun weekend.

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