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I can’t believe it’s CMA time already! It’s funny, when we lived in California & traveled to Nashville for the 3 or 4 days of fun it was so crazy busy.

Now, living here, it’s awesome. We still get to take part in whatever we want & I get to sleep in my own bed at night. Much easier to deal with it this way.
Speaking of the awards, who do you think will be the big winners this year? According to our poll here on the site, Keith Urban is going to be the Entertainer of the Year. He’s not expected to win (though as a CMA member, I voted for him & absolutely think he deserves it) it’s nice to see him picking up the “popular” vote.

As we head into the holidays we’re looking forward to bringing Lexi home for a few days this month. Just found out she’s going to be able to graduate a semester early from University of San Diego since she’s flown through college with flying colors, just like high school. Hard to believe she’ll be 20 next month. Ouch.
Geoffrey’s band played their last gig the other night. We got to go see it. They kicked butt. He already has a new band formed that’s looking to take a slightly different musical approach. Some of the same guys, some new. I’m anxious to hear what they do.
Make sure you keep an eye out for Dierks Bentley’s latest video for Home. Meredith’s in it & has a really nice close-up about 2:30 minutes in. I’m really happy to see her getting work here. I’m hoping she can expand from the music video thing to other TV appearances soon.

Candy’s loving her new gig at Philanthropy in Franklin. It’s such a cool boutique, not only for the clothes but for the great charity work they do. If you live in the Nashville area you should definitely go in & check it out.

If you don’t have Showtime, you’re missing an awesome new show this season. It’s called Homeland. Grab it on DVD when it comes out in a few months!

That’s it for now! Take care!

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