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It’s Wed. already. Countdown to LSU at Alabama this weekend. Very excited. A group of us got a tour bus and bus driver to take us down to Tuscaloosa.

We’ll tailgate on the bus, then go into the game. Hopefully Bama will win and the we can party/crash on the bus on the way back. Saw a headline today that said “THE MOST ANTICIPATED REGULAR SEASON GAME IN HISTORY”. It’s crazy the hype for this. The winner is on track for the National Championship. How’s your team doing this year?
Kim Kardashian got divorced after 72 days. Anybody surprised by this? If you believe ANYTHING on these reality shows is real, you need help. I’m on a full speed kick for 30 Rock right now. I only get about 30 minutes to watch TV every night and that is what I’ve been watching. HILARIOUS. I want to be Tracy Morgan from that show when I grow up. Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey should win an Emmy every year. What’s your favorite shows to watch? I’m finding more and more as I get more busy that I start watching shows in syndication more than when it’s on in Prime time.
I always chat about Nashville being cool. Went to a favorite bar of mine Sunday to watch football. Kristen Cavallari? Think that is her name was in the group of people there. Nobody made a big deal about it but everybody was talking about her hanging out. What is she famous for? I was more impressed that one of the bar owners brought free chili for everyone and about 20 of us watched all the games all day. Fun times.
The countdown to be on the air in San Diego is happening. We are looking at before the end of the year. Can’t wait. We also just started in Palm Springs too. We have 4 other stations lined up for beginning of next year. Thank you all for supporting the Tony and Kris show and telling your friends about us. It really does help.
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5 Questions For Kris

What’s your favorite song right now?
Drunk On You- Luke Bryan

If you were not in radio what would you be doing?
Probably 5 to 10. Oh, I really don’t know. Hopefully something creative-acting, promotions, something like that

What’s going on with your songwriting?
I’ve co-written 6 songs. Have fun doing that and being able to come in with ideas and see it go from head to a melody and lyrics. 2 of the songs are getting some looks. We will see. A group that is about to record an album that we all know is really looking hard at one of them. Exciting. Think it will surprise some folks. Joanna Smith a great artist (Gettin’ Married) said most of my songs have good family values. Did not realize that when we wrote them. Most people will not expect that from me. LOL.

What’s the start date for Tony and Kris in San Diego?
No firm date but we are working as fast as we can to get it all ready to go. Looking forward to being back on out there.

What’s the last DVD you bought/rented
Probably Get Him To The Greek. Love that movie

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Kris with Lee Ann Womack at her party

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