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It’s been a busy couple weeks! Went to my 25th high school reunion a couple weeks ago. About half our class was there & it was nice to see them. It was especially great to see a couple really close friends I hadn’t 

had a chance to hang with for many years. You can always tell your real friends. We fell right back into a comfortable conversation & laughter as if not a day had passed. Sadly, no embarrassing stories to share. 
It was quite a laid back affair, with the Alabama/Florida game streaming on a big screen as opposed to music. Kind of funny.

My wife of 20 years still surprises me on occasion. This week is one of those times as she announced she wants to go camping this weekend. WTH? She has never had an interest in staying somewhere 
unless it has room service so this one really shocked me. We’re starting small. We’re just going to spend Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. I’m a tent guy. No RV for me. Can’t wait to see how she
does “roughing it.” I’ll keep you posted!

Well, the biggest news we’ve had in quite a while is the fact that we’re going to be heard in San Diego again! We’re incredibly pumped to be going back on our home of 10 years, KSON 97.3 & 92.1.
They’re going to use our show at night & we couldn’t be more proud to return to the station that gave us a chance in 1993 & gave us so much success. We start in November. 
San Diego friends – Any cool new businesses in town we should endorse or make sure we check out when we come visit?
That’s it for now. Talk to you soon!

From 1995

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