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Hi there,
Hope all is well with everyone. It’s been a tough week. They say that Nashville is really bad for allergy and sinus issues. I’ve really had no trouble until yesterday. Got knocked on my butt, I’m back at it now though. My Grandma Betty died yesterday morning. All my grandparents are now gone. 🙁 She was an amazing woman, so many people make excuses and complain “poor, poor me”. If anybody had the right to that it was her. She had polio and had great difficulty walking. Over the years that messed up her back. She raised my Uncle and Mom by herself. She paid her own way and never complained about her circumstances. She suffered from Alzheimer’s the past few years and that was tough, especially on my mom. The last time I saw her, she did not know who I was, then out of nowhere right near the end of the visit she said “Well, Kristian I still remember that day of you playing in the snow”. She went into great detail about a day when I was 5 playing in the snow. She had told that story for years. A brief moment that she remembered. Anyway, it’s weird knowing that I don’t have any grandparents left. Talk to you all later and hope you take a moment today to call or write a note to those that are important to you.
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4 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye- Kris’ Blog

  1. Cyndi

    So very sorry for your loss Kris. I miss all of my grandparents very much and wish they could see their multiple great and great-great grandchildren. Remember that day of playing in the snow and think of her and smile 🙂

  2. Charlene

    My thoughts are with you as you prepare to say good-bye to your precious Grandmother. Its never easy to let go of the ones we love so much. Treasure all your memories of those you love.

  3. KimberlyR

    Kris, I am so very sorry for your loss. I also have lost all my grandparents. The only thing you can do is remember how special they were to you, and all the great times you had with them.

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