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I hope you all had a great weekend. Relaxing around here. Although at one point on Saturday we did have 10 teenagers in our house. Yikes.

Watched a 9/11 special last night about the “Heroes Of The 88th Floor.” Basically how two regular guys who worked on that floor of the North Tower
of the World Trade Center helped save 77 people and inspired others to do the same. While we all thank fire, police, emt, military, etc., don’t forget
to thank the families of normal folks like you & me who did extraordinary things that day. How many of us would have stayed behind rather than go
down those stairs with our wives (which is what one of them did)? How many would fight to go up the stairs rather than down? How many would
sacrifice our lives to ensure that a few other people made it down? It was a remarkable, selfless act & the special was quite moving.
Kris & I saw it happen live. We followed the news & stayed on the air from 5:30 a.m. Pacific until well into the afternoon. We shared information &
encouragement, talking with listeners and letting them vent, cry & share. It was a day we’ll never forget & one of the rare opportunities two radio goofs
have the opportunity to do something that really matters: Help bring people together so healing may begin.
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