Secondhand Heart, Love and Theft, Football, and Michael Jackson?- Kris’ Blog

What’s up? Been busy here, had Danny Gokey on the show. His song “Secondhand Heart” is so good. A perfect song for anyone who has been divorced, gone through a break up, or lost a loved one. It really is amazing. Had a chance to hang with Tony and his family the other night which is always fun. We enjoyed a few episodes of “Hart To Hart” and few beverages.
We are getting into a busy time of year, Lady A, Darius Rucker, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and more great stars are all on the show soon. We also are putting the final touches on how you can spend a week with us and some country folks having a great time! Can’t wait for the details of that to be released.
We’ve been adding some new stations to the family and really appreciate it. Hope you help spread the word. Yucca Valley, Ca.- KX96 ,Lewistown, Pa.- Star Country 96.7, and our latest Florence, S.C.- Wheelz Country. We have more coming. It’s very exciting.
Know anyone that is a webmaster? We use wordpress and are looking to revamp our site and need someone. If you know someone that is interested please let us know.
Had a chance to see country duo LOVE AND THEFT. They have a new cd produced by the famous Josh Leo coming in November. I was lucky enough to be at the studio and they played it for me. It’s REALLY GOOD. You will love it. While we were there Martina’s husband (owner of the studio) popped in and played us a remastered version of Thriller and Billie Jean by Michael Jackson that their is no way to describe. I may not hear for another year the sound was so loud and good!
Football season is ALMOST here. Can’t wait for my Crimson Tide to start the season. Who are you pulling for this year? Do you have any tailgate or gameday recipes that are MUST TRY. Let me know. Have a great day.

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