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Just a quick note to catch up with you. Hope all is well with you. Same old stuff with me. Had dinner with Chris Young last night before the Brittany Spears concert. It’s so good to see a real good guy having such success. He was trying to talk me into learning this GOLDEN TEE thing. He’s addicted to the game, so much in fact that they gave him some kind of frequent user card. How crazy is that? Did you ever have a video game you were addicted to? I guess, Astroids for me.

I love country and just how nice people are. Chris told a story about his CD launch week that he had to go to N.Y. and was getting set to ride his bus up. Blake called him and said, I’m going to N.Y. with Miranda and they had been set up with a plane and he said “Chris, you need to get to N.Y. early as you can and rest, just ride with us”. Very cool especially since both their cd’s dropped on the same day and they are competing. Don’t think Blake is all that great though, I did get a random text from him that just said “moron” yesterday.

You know that we are big on twitter. We love it. @tonyandkris @kris5150 and @Tmoney68. We have been twitter buddies with @Joebonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys and it blows us away that it’s been 30 years since the country went ELVIRA crazy. Wow. That song was EVERYWHERE. Do you remember that song and how crazy it was?

Next week, so many stars are on the show I can’t even list them. You just have to listen. :). BTW, if you are new to the show or have missed past blogs from myself or Tony, you can catch up by clicking here for more BLOGS
I always love those surveys and lists that get sent around. It’s always interesting to see what shows up on the list involving iPods cause depending on your mood something might be played a little odd or different. What are the last songs you played on your ipod? Here’s my answers to that question.
List Last 10 songs on iPod (no cheating)
All The Things We Do- Jasmine Ash
Changing- Airborne Toxic Event
I Will Come For You-Jack Dolgen
Stones- Barbarossa
Daddy Needs A Drink- Drive By Truckers
Glad Girls- Guided By Voices
Beautiful Girl- INXS
Not In Love- Crystal Castles
Life In The Fast Lane- Bad Meets Evil
Runaway- Love and Theft

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