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Hey! It’s been super hot around here the past few days and I’ve been trying to stay cool. Hope wherever you are, you have had better weather. I’m excited because most of my favorite shows are back with new episodes. The Closer (best show on TV), Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Entourage are all new. It’s Entourage’s last season so I’m bummed about that.

I know I’ve already went on and on about how great the U2 concert was. I even told this story already but it’s still being talked about and I wanted to point out a couple of things and recap it if you did not hear about it. It shows just how cool the band U2 really is. We were lucky enough to be on the front row and enjoy the show and had a set list (the songs scheduled for the show). A man was a little bit over from us with a sign on his chest that said something like “Blind Guitar Player, Bring me up”. The show was over as U2 had sang their last scheduled song With or Without You. When a show is over, a band or artist usually can’t wait to get out of there. The band had left the stage when Bono saw the sign and brought him up and asked him what he wanted to do. The man wanted to play with U2 his wedding song to his wife. Bono sang while he played (Bono then gave him the 10 thousand dollar guitar). If you watch the video, you can see Adam and Larry from U2 running out trying to get hooked back up to join in. That is what I thought was so cool. It would have been easy for them to stay off stage and just be like “that’s Bono’s thing”. They joined in for the last minute of the song and that man and his wife have an unreal memory. Watch the video. Promise this will be the last I go on about this concert. I do have some more videos of it at The Tony and Kris Youtube Channel and you have to check out their tribute to Johnny Cash which was on the fly. I’ll check back in soon, as I’m out of town the next 3 weekends in a row. A LOT going on. Have a great one!

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