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Hope you had a great holiday weekend.  I’ll get into my weekend in a second.  Wanted to let you know that www.tonyandkris.com will be undergoing some changes here over the next few weeks.  Jessica Northey a Social Media Expert/Queen/Top Dog has joined up with our show and will in charge of all our content online.  She will also be on air with us from time to time letting us know what’s going on/trending etc..  Hope you welcome her with open arms.

If you listen to the show you know Tony and I have been lucky to enough to see/meet/become friends with a lot of artist and rarely do I get excited about a show.  Saw U2 Saturday at Vandy Stadium and all I can say is “Wow”.  It was amazing.  Front row, against the rail for the show and I realize why they have been doing this for so long.  ALL artist could learn from them.  They connect with the audience so well and sounded great.  Their stage was enormous and they just were cool.  They sang “The Wanderer” appeared to be on the fly and that was a song that they did with Johnny Cash.

At the end of the show, they pulled a man on stage that had a sign that said “Blind Guitar Player” and let him play guitar for a song dedicated to his wife and then gave him Bono’s guitar.  Can you imagine playing your wife a song with Bono singing it? see the video here! (Not my video) It was fun.  AMAZING to hear the crowd sing every song as loud as they could.

Blake Shelton drops by this week and again changes at www.tonyandkris.com.  Please do us a favor and mark the page as a favorite and spread the word.  🙂   Have a great day.

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