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Hope everyone had a good weekend.  It was a quiet one around Nashville.  Attended a couple of artist showcases, worked some in the studio with Tony this weekend. We did find time to slip down to a bar we enjoy called Winners.

Those of you who know about me hurting my knee and that I’ve been trying to find ways to work out since then instead of running and boxing.  Started this Hot Yoga thing and it is insane.  It is a work out and I would have never thought that.  I would take some pics but they don’t allow them.  It’s pretty entertaining to see what some people think they look good in though. LOL.  I’ll be glad when I can get back to running though.
Don’t get to see much tv so I know I’m like 5 years late on this but Criminal Minds is a GREAT show.  Check it out if you get a chance.  Saw it for the first time and it really is good.
Tony and I have a pretty big announcement scheduled for next week, if there are no delays.  It will be cool.
This week, Dolly Parton is on the show among others.
She is always so funny and entertaining.   We had a chance to hang with her  a while back when we filmed the Kenny Rogers 1st 50 Years TV Special.  Amazing woman.
The July 4th weekend will be nice here and crazy as U2 is playing and I can’t wait to see them.  I’ll be posting pics and video I’m sure.  They truly do put on amazing shows.


3 Songs to download on iTunes
1. Everybody Needs Love- The Drive By Truckers
2. You Might Think- Weezer
3. Barefoot Blue Jean Night- Jake Owen
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