Footloose, New Survey, How Would You Answer? Kris’ Blog

What’s up? Did you see the new Footloose Trailer for the movie? I sure do feel old when they remake these movies from when I was a kid. LOL.
I answered one of those surveys again. How would you answer it?

What’s the last movie you saw at the theatre?
A- Green Lantern

What form of exercise do you do most often?
Running, or lately Hot Yoga

Can you change a tire?

What’s something you really dislike doing?
Talking on the phone, if you can email me, text or tweet me @Kris5150 the better

What’s the last song you bought on iTunes?
Weezer “You Might Think”

What was the last nice restaurant you went to?
Kayne Steakhouse in the Gulch

What king of razor do you use?

What’s your guilty pleasure food?

Do you turn off your phone during the movie?
A- Yes, that’s a pet peeve of mine when people text or answer phone during a movie

Where is your favorite place to get away from it all?
Gulf Shores

Hope you have a great weekend, I plan on hitting the pool or lake. Talk to you soon.

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