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Well, things are finally settling down a little now that we’re in the new house. Moving went off without a hitch (except for the disappearance of the kitchen box that held all our cutting boards, prep bowls & measuring spoons. Frustrating!). Kids are enjoying summer, as is Candy, who now gets to sleep in instead of rising at 6 every day to cart kids to school. I sure wish I had a summer schedule! Maybe we could move mornings to 9a instead of 5a for a couple months a year?

I mentioned this during the show the other day, but I’m really excited for Geoffrey. He’s always been a really musical kid. He taught himself to play guitar, saxophone, keyboards & drums. The drums are his specialty & he finally put together a band that seems to have clicked. They’ve been writing a lot of songs & practicing really hard & it’s paying off. They’re actually getting booked to play real gigs! A few house parties, but also a couple big ones at the Mercantile & Rocketown. I still believe he’ll someday make his living in the music business.

I’ve got my 25th high school reunion coming up in September so I’m kicking my workout schedule up a bit. Moving to Tennessee, away from my gym & trainer, has taken a toll. I’ve put on about 15 pounds that I am ready to dump! Motivated to not be the guy everyone remembers from school as thin that’s now a chub. Diet adjustments & heavier Crossfit schedule will get me there, I know!

Have a great day!
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