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Just a quick hello! Been a busy few days. Saw a movie for the first time in forever. Green Lantern. Now, let’s just say it’s mindless fun with great effects. I enjoyed it. More excited about the Dark Knight Rises which is coming next year. The trailer leaked online
(See the Trailer for Dark Knight Rises HERE)

Got to check out a few local bands the other night that were really good and I did not get any video cause I had left my phone at my friends house. Next time I’ll have video. Was invited to be a guest host on a twitter chat last night and that was very cool. Still trying to figure out all this tech stuff. Our new web person should really help me with a lot of it in the future.
We still continue to grow and the first of our California stations is on KX 96 in Yucca Valley, our second station should be on in the next 60 days and the third in 90. Very excited.
On the songwriting thing, no word on our demo yet. We are waiting on a studio and they have wait times here in town. It’s kind of exciting to have written something that artist and producers said “that is what we need, get a demo ASAP”. Made me feel good. I’ll play it for you when we can.
BTW- YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS! It is funny but also scary for us single folks out there.
Have a great day. Avoid Cat ladies! LOL

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