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What a CRAZY week in Nashville! It’s CMA Music Festival & all the die hard country fans have swooped in for a dream weekend.
We don’t usually wade too deep into the huge crowds, especially in this heat, but we do take part in some cool stuff. Yesterday,
Candy & I went to a private Keith Urban event. He opened up a rehearsal for industry, media & fan club-types to check out what he has in store for his upcoming tour. It was fantastic! There were around 400 people in the auditorium so it was really intimate. Keith came out &
talked about being nervous & asked that we all try to act like a “real” audience, then launched into Put You In A Song. He stopped & chatted between songs & explained some of what was going to happen. It was really fun. I snapped some pictures & took a little video. Hope you enjoy them.

Other than that, it looks like we’re hosting Chris Young’s fan club party this weekend & heading to Birmingham next week to take part in Bama Rising. Both HUGE honors. We’ll post pictures of both next week.
Have a great weekend!


Click HERE to hear Keith on with Tony and Kris (and more photos)

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