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Man, it’s been a crazy few weeks! Between Lexi & her boyfriend’s visit, Memorial Day & our moving into a new house, I’m pooped!

Moving is always such a pain but it’s always so nice when it’s over & you’re settled. We did our move mostly ourselves over the Memorial Day weekend & a few days after. I’m no fan of manual labor so I paid a few of Geoffrey’s buddies to help & that was a smart move. It does my heart good to see teenagers doing manual labor. I don’t see it enough! Now the unpacking & searching for stuff we lost in the move begins.

Lexi’s boyfriend has returned to San Diego. He got the stamp of approval from the family. Nice, funny kid. Of course, all I want to see is my daughter happy & she is, so I’m cool. Speaking of Lexi she’s smoking through college. She’s technically going to be a Junior next semester but she’s had to slow down her course load to avoid an early graduation. On the one hand, that’s great because she’s not even 20 yet. On the other, it just means more money. I’m somewhat torn, but as always, proud of her & her commitment to education.

It’s CMA Music Festival week here in Nashville so it promises to be fun & super busy. Look for pictures & videos here on soon!


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  1. Kati Cook

    I am so excited to come to Nashville this Friday!!! Thanks for the trip!! I will post pictures!!

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