Big Week for CMA FEST- Kris’ Blog

Hope you all had a great weekend. Excited about the songwriting song thing I’ve been trying. Here is how it works. You write a song, then you get a worktape of it. If it gets some good buzz, you get a professional demo done. We have been encouraged to get a demo of our latest song we wrote and are in the process of getting that done. It’s exciting. Look forward to posting it here for you to check out when it is done.
Speaking of writing, we met and wrote some at the Fontanel Mansion. It’s Barbara Mandrell’s old house. They kept it just like it was when she lived there. It’s like 20,000 sq. feet or something. The driveway is crazy long.

This is Country Music Festival Week. Tony and I have a lot going on with Keith Urban, Shania, Gary Allan, and Chris Young to just name a few. We will keep you posted on what all is going on.
That’s it for now. Have a great day and please tell a few of your friends to check out our webpage, facebook, and twitter. Thank you so much!


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